Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken Rules and Regulations

Posted by Bow Athletic Club on May 09 2018 at 10:49AM PDT

Good afternoon parents,

I received a few inquiries regarding the rules and regulations that our Babe Ruth and a Cal Ripken boy’s play by. Thanks to the questions, we have updated the “Parents” tab in Cal Ripken with the 2018 Babe Ruth Rules and Regulations. If interested, please check it out to better understand what the coaches and players Play by each game.

Also, we have added a Parent Code of Conduct in the same tab. Although never needed in our great town, it never hurts to review what is expected from the parents as you enjoy watching our boys play a game they love.

Thank you to those that wanted to read the rules/regulations. You have helped improve our website to be a better resource for all!


Baseball/Softball Board